Walking down the road of Life,
I look around and see
A plethora of persons walking Life with me;
And I notice as we're walking - for every man is free to take steps as he pleases -
That we all walk differently.

The realist here beside me has a pace that's set in stone;
He sees things as they are and they won't change.
The perfectionist behind him - tiny, measured, perfect steps;
He's not happy till the world is all his own.

I remember just last Tuesday we passed a pessimist -
He just looked down at the ground; refused to take a step!
I guess the world will never be the way he thinks he wants it.
It's sad that little stones get in his way.

The idealist, with his head held back and eyes high in the sky,
Seems to trip as well on every tiny pebble.
He takes steps on as they 'should' be and would only be at ease
If the road, and all of Life, were simply level.

The last of Life's pedestrians seems different from the others
- And he is, as all can plainly see.
It really doesn't matter what things are and what they aren't;
It's ok if he has to change his path.
When faced with looming mountains? He just climbs them.
Raging, roaring rivers? Simply crossed.
Twisting, turning pathways? He just winds them,
And in the deepest dark of night he's never lost.

Yes, the optimists in life have a world that's all their own;
Their Vision here in life's what sets them free.
For the one who works the hardest, nothing matters else in Life
Than what Life, with work, can really one day be.

At times it can be hard to be optimistic. Some days the sun is shining, but on others life hits you with everything it's got... and nothing seems to go right. As simple as it may seem, turning to God with the knowledge that He will pave the way can change your entire outlook on life. Trials become challenges - opportunities to better understand the mind and will of God; opportunities to better understand the sacrifice of His Son for us; opportunities to shine with the light of Faith.


This Thanksgiving season, I wanted to take the opportunity to just give thanks. Here goes!

I’m grateful for… the faces of flowers as they follow the sun… the thunder that rolls when it rains… the mountains that shadow my home here in Provo… and the fields near my home on the plains… the cool breeze that blows when I wake before sunrise… the night-time, with stars up above… for the earth and its splendor I give thanks to Thee… for in them I remember Thy love.

I’m grateful for… the power to dance and to walk and to run… eyes, to see and behold… a musical voice that won’t shatter a mirror… and a passion for learning that will never grow cold… a mind that can grasp even quarks in an instant… the duty to work and to write… for my body, my gifts and my talents and strengths… for in them I am blessed by Thy light.

I’m grateful for… my laptop that follows me even in sleepwalk… my car which conducts me each day… a home with a bed and a high-speed connection… and a health food store not far away… the privilege of building a School up in Zion… my application to attend MIT… I am grateful for earthly possessions and pathways… for in walking I come unto Thee.

I’m grateful for… the sorrow we taste at a loved one's departure… the anguish I feel when I fail… the bruises and scars that remind me of heartache… and the sadness that often will seem to prevail… the cold I’ve been fighting since last Wednesday evening… our world filled with sadness and strife… I give thanks for my trials and sickness and pain… for they bring me to Thee throughout life.

I’m grateful for… a boy who, not 15, was chosen by Heaven… the Gospel he then brought to light… the knowledge that I can return to God’s presence… and the faith to shine as a star in the night… the power to bless in the name of the Savior… a family sealed for time without end… for the truth now revealed I give praises to Thee… for through them I can grow and transcend.

I’m grateful for… a mother who gave up Olympics and rockets… a father whose love knows no end… my brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins… those who are willing to love me and call me a friend… my colleagues and roommates and classmates and mentors… the people who lift me above… for my loved ones in life I give thanks unto Thee… for in Them I remember Thy love.

When the time rolls around that I think of Thanksgiving… and all that’s been given to me… for my blessings and trials, my family and friends, I give thanks, dearest Lord, unto Thee.


senza fermata ♪ = 153-168

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Every passing day seems to be ticking like a clock

and you can never find your way and you can never ever stop

because you work and then you play and then you run and then you talk

and then you sleep until the morning when you have to go and walk

and though your house is so much cleaner than it’s ever, ever been

and though your little daily planner is in order once again

it seems that time has simply wiped away the person you had been

and you only realize it for a moment now and then

and then a bill is due the baby cries and people come to chat

and though it’s there beneath the surface you can’t seem to get it back

and you can never ever stop because today at 6 there’s track

and then at 8 o’clock this evening your day-planner says be back

so you can cook and you can clean and you can watch your favorite show

and you can walk the dog and water all the plants you want to grow

and yet inside your heart a voice is speaking softer than you know

until you stop…

and listen…

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

You listen and wonder as memories show you the faith and direction the Lord’s always given you even in times when you tried not to notice Him there… He was watching.

You look at your planner and clear out a time when each morning and evening you’ll get on your knees and you’ll work out a schedule with help from above… for He’s listening.

You look at your planner and clear out a time when each day you’ll sit down and you’ll turn to the page where you left off on studying yesterday morning… His words will then show you the way.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Every passing day seems to be ticking like a clock

But you gratefully ponder the gifts of the Lord

The world just swirls around you and it never ever stops

But you pray in the light of the Gospel Restored

Your work and school and fam’ly say to always run not walk

But you know the effects of ignoring His words

Every passing day seems to be ticking like a clock

And you do all you can to be

In… but not of the world.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

We often make time for the mundane, the tedious, the superficial things in life and there is nothing left for the refinement of the soul. It is in making time each day to lift our eyes to Heaven that we realize our own eternal worth and the potential we have for good.

The Man from Galilee

I gaze outside my window to the land that’s pictured there
And in my mind’s eye see a scar of crimson snow,
For the people that inhabit the whole world are all alike –
They’re all cold and cruel; their blood burns hot below.
There are bombs forever dropping; there are lives forever gone;
There are people who will never have a home
And we all go on just living, as if the world had never changed,
While the victims of the wars forever roam.
Is this the voice of God to wand’rers in the desert –
That now His cloud is filled with blood and soot and strife?
And that the pillars, burning flames that now surround them,
Are just a sign that they have reached eternal life?
Where is the desert’s blossom?
When shall we fin’lly see
The stream of life eternal,
And the son of Galilee?

Fear not, He says to all His sons and daughters here on Earth,
And yet the battle rages on, and we all wonder what we’re worth
To God in heaven – will our lives be spared one day, just one more day,
Or will we fall and then be left behind, to lie along the way?
But there is hope among His teachings, for He teaches only truth,
And I know that He is righteous, for I’ve known Him from my youth
And He will lead us with His hand and we shall enter into peace,
Among the seraphim and angels we will find at last release.
Where is the desert’s blossom?
Where is the Prince of Light
That promised us he’d take our blood
And bleach our souls to white?
For the gates of death are gaping
And the sky is raining fire;
Dear Lord, refine us in the forge
To please thy grand desire.

We fight on through the night, and we know just where we are,
For the Savior’s guiding light is like a perfect Polar star.
We will not fall! We will not fail! For truth and good always prevail,
And though the evil one himself raises his hand to us assail,
We can see the desert’s blossom in the peace that man had found,
And the flame of hate is healing as His sweet tears quench the ground.
We will stand strong in the mountains
As we raise our voice on high,
And we will sing, we will proclaim,
“Thy God is Lord o’er earth and sky!”

I gaze out through my window to the land that’s pictured there,
But only see the softly falling snow.
The Lord has not forgotten us; His hand is in our lives
And He will care for all His children here below.

Fear not, I say, Fear not.
Open your eyes. Look up on high
Hold out your hands for the blessings of heaven
Are falling like snow from the sky.

Fear not, I say, Fear not!
Come to my arms, for I hear your cries
Come to me and be free of your burdens
Be ye clean and with me arise.

When the desert’s roses blossom
And the souls of men are free
Then we will live a life eternal
With the man from Galilee.

I composed this poem as part of a project for Honors Writings of Isaiah.
I learned so much about Isaiah... and so much about Christ.
I know that He will come again. He will never leave us alone.

We Believe

..Under starlit skies,
In mountain vale,
..Through heat of day,
We Believe.

..Against friends, perhaps family,
The spite of the world
..And the torment of grief,
We Believe.

..Though the hard driving rain
Speaks of sorrow and pain,
..Our Father will give us Relief,
Relief from the trials of everyday life,
..Lost in our endless

..For we truly Believe
And Hope for all things -
..The Lord never ceases to send
Love to us all,
..As he has from our birth,
Pleading with us,
.."Endure to the end."

..In the fires of time,
Our light will burn bright
..On God's pattern - for us will He weave
Through turmoil and strife,
..All of our life,
As long as we always

It is amazing what an EFY poetry contest can inspire.

For Christ was my Savior and Friend

The shadows fall, the night grows chill;
............I will not run away,
Here on the mount called Olivet, where
............Jesus knelt to pray.
I still can hear His footsteps, in the
............brush, beyond the gate.
Today, I vowed to die with Him, and
............now, it is too late.
For they have taken away my Savior and Friend;
............He died there on Calvary.
I put Him in the tomb where He lay,
............He did it all for me.

How I had wished to save His life,
............A sword flew to my hand
And struck the man who sought to take
............The Lord of every Land.
Yet even in His trials
............The God of peace spoke love.
He bade His angels stay their hands;
............They watched Him from above.
I followed Him then, my Savior and Friend;
............But denied Him, for I was afraid.
Twice more while I watched Him I faltered in faith
............Then fled, to be here, where He prayed.

The stone was rolled upon His tomb,
............Two guards were set in place
To wait outside the sepulchre,
............Of the Redeemer of our race.
Words cannot tell, the pain I felt,
............To flee the scene once more,
And then again, come here to pray,
............My Father to implore.
How could you take Him away – my Savior and Friend?
............When I’d given you all my life?
Now that I need Him most, He’s gone from my sight,
............And I’m all alone in the strife.

Will I ever see His face again?
............Or hear His tender plea
For winds and waves to cease, be still
............Out there in Galilee?
Or do I have to live my life
............And walk the path He trod
Teach all men of His promises,
............And say, “Behold your God!”
He died there today, my Savior and King,
............But His teachings I’ll always defend.
I will live out my life for a cause that is just,
............For Christ was my Savior and Friend.

We all have times when we cannot see the end. If we have faith and live our lives for the principles we know to be true, God will hear our prayers. He will make us the men and women we truly want to be.


I've spent my life preparing
To go a place I do not know.
To a language and a People
That seem to run and flow
With culture long forgotten
In the stories of my time;
Their silent voices hidden
In melodies sublime.

As I ope' the gates of Heaven
And leave the world behind,
I feel only His sweet spirit -
Just Christ is on my mind.
My mission now, to pass the test,
Prepare them for above.
But most of all, to guide them
And shower them with love

This was written to a missionary in the field; we had been emailing on and off before her mission, and at that point in time, I had the habit of composing a poem for the end of each email. She didn't receive the poem, since she was already in the field, so I printed it out and mailed her a copy. Years later, it took its place on the first page of my mission poetry binder - the inspirational thoughts and feelings that I took with me to Rome.

Into His Light

..A silver moon gleams tonight,
Over the land that I call home.
..The starlit sky...
It seems to call.
..For Kolob shines so brightly
That my trials fade away
..Into the night,
Into His light
..I give my all.

..The whisp'ring melodies
Of angels sound my heart;
..The silent night
Grows softer, softer still,
..Gaze up into the stars,
Clouds swirling with the breeze
..All through the night,
Into His light
..I give my will.

..The scent of coming hail
Is just a mem'ry from above,
..He told me there in Heaven,
There'd be strife.
..And now like Job I pass it on,
Fill my mem'ries with His song,
..Throughout the night,
Into His light
..I give my life.

..I never said that I was perfect.
Love has never been so dear.
..My heart has thought to
Burst within my breast;
..With compassion, with relief,
For He went through all my grief
..That fateful night,
Into His light
..I give my soul to rest.

This is one of my favorite poems - there are lots of memories attached to it...

The Wind

The midnight clouds in anger pour
...A rushing wave of air that soars;
Across the stars and through the trees,
...Roses swaying in the breeze.
Crushing branches at a whim,
...The rushing just begins to dim;
And as I close my ears to hear
...And close my eyes I see,
The singing voices of the wind;
...Their melody...

This was one of the first poems I ever wrote. I feel an immense awe for nature, and here I tried to capture the power of the wind. It's something I would (and will) try for a long time - words don't seem to demonstrate the love of God carried on the evening breeze or His hand manifest in the whirlwind. On a side note, I edited this poem only once while writing it - I changed cattails to roses.

Welcome to Peace in Troubled Times

... And so I begin a blog. I've never blogged before, but I guess we'll see how it goes. I'd like to begin with my personal knowledge of the Savior Jesus Christ:

I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, and that He came to the Earth to save us. I know that if we follow in His footsteps we can become clean one day. I know that Jesus Christ ordained Apostles, and that God called prophets to tell the world of this 'Good news' - of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that in the Spring of 1820 God again called a Prophet - A young boy named Joseph Smith. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith all the things necessary for the Restoration of His Gospel. With Divine power, Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church of God on the face of the Earth... and I know that God speaks to us through a Prophet today. I know, because I have prayed and asked the Lord, and He has answered me.