I've spent my life preparing
To go a place I do not know.
To a language and a People
That seem to run and flow
With culture long forgotten
In the stories of my time;
Their silent voices hidden
In melodies sublime.

As I ope' the gates of Heaven
And leave the world behind,
I feel only His sweet spirit -
Just Christ is on my mind.
My mission now, to pass the test,
Prepare them for above.
But most of all, to guide them
And shower them with love

This was written to a missionary in the field; we had been emailing on and off before her mission, and at that point in time, I had the habit of composing a poem for the end of each email. She didn't receive the poem, since she was already in the field, so I printed it out and mailed her a copy. Years later, it took its place on the first page of my mission poetry binder - the inspirational thoughts and feelings that I took with me to Rome.

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