We Believe

..Under starlit skies,
In mountain vale,
..Through heat of day,
We Believe.

..Against friends, perhaps family,
The spite of the world
..And the torment of grief,
We Believe.

..Though the hard driving rain
Speaks of sorrow and pain,
..Our Father will give us Relief,
Relief from the trials of everyday life,
..Lost in our endless

..For we truly Believe
And Hope for all things -
..The Lord never ceases to send
Love to us all,
..As he has from our birth,
Pleading with us,
.."Endure to the end."

..In the fires of time,
Our light will burn bright
..On God's pattern - for us will He weave
Through turmoil and strife,
..All of our life,
As long as we always

It is amazing what an EFY poetry contest can inspire.

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