The Man from Galilee

I gaze outside my window to the land that’s pictured there
And in my mind’s eye see a scar of crimson snow,
For the people that inhabit the whole world are all alike –
They’re all cold and cruel; their blood burns hot below.
There are bombs forever dropping; there are lives forever gone;
There are people who will never have a home
And we all go on just living, as if the world had never changed,
While the victims of the wars forever roam.
Is this the voice of God to wand’rers in the desert –
That now His cloud is filled with blood and soot and strife?
And that the pillars, burning flames that now surround them,
Are just a sign that they have reached eternal life?
Where is the desert’s blossom?
When shall we fin’lly see
The stream of life eternal,
And the son of Galilee?

Fear not, He says to all His sons and daughters here on Earth,
And yet the battle rages on, and we all wonder what we’re worth
To God in heaven – will our lives be spared one day, just one more day,
Or will we fall and then be left behind, to lie along the way?
But there is hope among His teachings, for He teaches only truth,
And I know that He is righteous, for I’ve known Him from my youth
And He will lead us with His hand and we shall enter into peace,
Among the seraphim and angels we will find at last release.
Where is the desert’s blossom?
Where is the Prince of Light
That promised us he’d take our blood
And bleach our souls to white?
For the gates of death are gaping
And the sky is raining fire;
Dear Lord, refine us in the forge
To please thy grand desire.

We fight on through the night, and we know just where we are,
For the Savior’s guiding light is like a perfect Polar star.
We will not fall! We will not fail! For truth and good always prevail,
And though the evil one himself raises his hand to us assail,
We can see the desert’s blossom in the peace that man had found,
And the flame of hate is healing as His sweet tears quench the ground.
We will stand strong in the mountains
As we raise our voice on high,
And we will sing, we will proclaim,
“Thy God is Lord o’er earth and sky!”

I gaze out through my window to the land that’s pictured there,
But only see the softly falling snow.
The Lord has not forgotten us; His hand is in our lives
And He will care for all His children here below.

Fear not, I say, Fear not.
Open your eyes. Look up on high
Hold out your hands for the blessings of heaven
Are falling like snow from the sky.

Fear not, I say, Fear not!
Come to my arms, for I hear your cries
Come to me and be free of your burdens
Be ye clean and with me arise.

When the desert’s roses blossom
And the souls of men are free
Then we will live a life eternal
With the man from Galilee.

I composed this poem as part of a project for Honors Writings of Isaiah.
I learned so much about Isaiah... and so much about Christ.
I know that He will come again. He will never leave us alone.

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