Walking down the road of Life,
I look around and see
A plethora of persons walking Life with me;
And I notice as we're walking - for every man is free to take steps as he pleases -
That we all walk differently.

The realist here beside me has a pace that's set in stone;
He sees things as they are and they won't change.
The perfectionist behind him - tiny, measured, perfect steps;
He's not happy till the world is all his own.

I remember just last Tuesday we passed a pessimist -
He just looked down at the ground; refused to take a step!
I guess the world will never be the way he thinks he wants it.
It's sad that little stones get in his way.

The idealist, with his head held back and eyes high in the sky,
Seems to trip as well on every tiny pebble.
He takes steps on as they 'should' be and would only be at ease
If the road, and all of Life, were simply level.

The last of Life's pedestrians seems different from the others
- And he is, as all can plainly see.
It really doesn't matter what things are and what they aren't;
It's ok if he has to change his path.
When faced with looming mountains? He just climbs them.
Raging, roaring rivers? Simply crossed.
Twisting, turning pathways? He just winds them,
And in the deepest dark of night he's never lost.

Yes, the optimists in life have a world that's all their own;
Their Vision here in life's what sets them free.
For the one who works the hardest, nothing matters else in Life
Than what Life, with work, can really one day be.

At times it can be hard to be optimistic. Some days the sun is shining, but on others life hits you with everything it's got... and nothing seems to go right. As simple as it may seem, turning to God with the knowledge that He will pave the way can change your entire outlook on life. Trials become challenges - opportunities to better understand the mind and will of God; opportunities to better understand the sacrifice of His Son for us; opportunities to shine with the light of Faith.

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